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Reviews (English)

“Salvadora Galan accompanied her song, “Granaina”, on the guitar with almost sobbing tones that evoked the Oriental Moorish heritage of Granada; the memories of an earlier age in Spain.”

Jennifer Noyer
ABQ Journal
October 2006

“The soulful wail of seasoned singer Salvadora Galan sets the tone for the show. Her mournful, ancient song reminds us that for all the fiery footwork, traditional Spanish dance is more about true passion for life and the fight with death rather than mere entertainment.”

Candelora Versace
The Santa Fe New Mexican
Santa Fe, New Mexico
July 31, 1992

“Salvadora Galan’s deep and expressive singing wound through the pieces, sometimes leading the group and other times following cues from the lead dancer.”

Paul Gerard
The Milwaukee Journal
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
November 15, 1991

The guitar of Aquiles Valdez and the total art of Salvadora Galan…Complete artists in depth and form Salvadora Galan, flamenco art in its fullest splendor.

“The main course of the evening: Salvadora Galan, whom we haven’t heard from in a long time, strongly began with “Huellas Que Se Van”, and then with a poem by F. Garcia Lorca. Her tremolo, the original flamenco tremolo, is a delight; the beat is light at times and energetic as the moor spirit at others. It is obvious that she inherited that spirit from her birthplace Andalusia, where she must have heard “La Bernarda”. Her right hand flutters like a butterfly.
It is in essence a total experience to hear “El Cante Jondo” of Salvadora Galan. It comes from …I don’t know where perhaps from time itself. In “La Granaina”, we experience the cry that the moor king wept for the loss of Granada
Approximately eight years have passed since this artist arrived in this land, it has been a long and arduous struggle to convince this new public, a border land, of her artistry; but the fruits of intensive labor are beginning to show.
This diminutive woman can look back with pride, she is surely an erupting volcano, a flowing river, a drop of enchanting mist when she performs.”
Jaime Castañeda
El Fronterizo
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
March 18, 1989

“Dorita Galan was a smash hit during UTEP’s Third Guitar Week Festival. Her concert attracted a large and selective audience that called for several “encores”. From the moment Ms. Galan appeared on stage, her intense presence and art mesmerized her public.
Her passionate singing, in the true tradition of “el cante jondo” and her fine guitar playing easily conquered her audience.
Dorita Galan is a creative artist constantly striving for perfection. Following in the steps of her favorite artist, Paco de Lucia, Ms. Galan is ever exploring new ways to express her flamenco music. Her traditional rendition of the poem “Flying Without Wings” thoroughly impressed the public with its captivating eloquence.”

Randy Reed
Guitar Week
Music Department
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, Texas

“The image, the guitar, and the voice of Salvadora Galan reached extremes of finesse and marvelous sensibility…
The public that attended her music recital were moved by the songs and the poetry that the performer brought to us from her beautiful Andalusia.”

Pepe Ventura Chavez
Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico
July 11, 1987

“Salvadora Galan…a Spanish artist of great sensibility and talent who, with her voice and guitar thrills and delights the audience.”

El Siglo de Torreon
Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico
July 1987

The virtuosity of her flamenco guitar and the harmonious spirit of the Motherland are the outstanding characteristics of Salvadora Galan’s presentations.”

El Informador
Guadalajara, Mexico
May 1987

“Dorita Galan is the only person that plays the guitar and sings flamenco songs blending both arts totally and harmoniously.
Slowly but surely Dorita Galan’s talent is being recognized and appreciated by a Mexican public that is becoming increasingly interested in her art.”

El Fronterizo
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
April 1987

“The vibrant voice and music of Dorita Galan will thrill you. The versatile flamenco singer had a successful presentation a the Teatro de la Nacion de Ciudad Juarez gaining total acceptance of the public that attended her music recital.
The talented and sensitive singer made her guitar strings and sensitive voice come together in unison literally making the public feel the passion and vibrancy of her flamenco music.”

El Fronterizo
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
March 1987

“I was impressed by her beautiful voice, great style, and wonderful guitar playing.”

Salvador Atienza
“Cal Viva” Magazine

“Dorita Galan ‘s recital of flamenco guitar was a success! The flamenco songs and guitar playing blended in unison harmoniously complementing each other. Both, singing and guitar playing were handled with great feeling and outstanding finesse.
In her guitar solos Dorita clearly demonstrated ability and sensibility. The artist created a totally Spanish atmosphere bringing with her a corner of her native Cadiz and filling the theater with exhilarating gaiety.”

Socorro de Leon
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
May 9, 1984

“F. De La Maza’s Theater was not large enough to accommodate the large public that attended Dorita Galan’s presentation.
Passionate surrender, dramatic force and a complete command of technique, closely knit with natural talent are perhaps the outstanding characteristics of flamenco guitarist and singer Dorita Galan.
Dorita’s presentation was sponsored by Casa de la Cultura.”

El Sol de San Luis Potosi
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
May 9, 1984

“The stupendous flamenco singer Dorita Galan appeared at the Teatro Casa de la Cultura. Dorita’s recital included a selected program of Spanish music.”

El Heraldo de Aguascalientes
Aguascalientes, Mexico
May 5, 1984

“Dorita Galan, flamenco guitarist and singer, had a successful performance at the Teatro de Camara. During her performance, the singer delighted the audience with genuine flamenco songs and guitar solos.”

El Heraldo de Chihuahua
Chihuahua, Mexico
April 4, 1983

“Dorita Galan, flamenco guitarist and singer, had a successful performance at the Teatro de Camara. During her performance, the singer delighted the audience with genuine flamenco songs and guitar solos.”

El Heraldo de Chihuahua
Chihuahua, Mexico
April 4, 1983

“Singular, unequaled, Dorita Galan will perform at the Chamizal Theater. If you have not seen and heard her I invite you to see this gypsy volcano of pure flamenco feeling.”

Jaime Castañeda Reyes
El Universal de Ciudad Juarez
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

“Art runs through her veins and playing the flamenco guitar is second nature to her…part of that sensitive and delicate personality with great felling and passion for singing.”

Alicia Figueroa
Diario de Juarez
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
December 14, 1982

“…Successful presentation in the Ateneo Fronterizo of Dorita Galan, powerful interpreter of flamenco music”

Diario de Juarez
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
November 15, 1982

“Beautiful recital of flamenco guitar… The songs and guitar of Dorita Galan thrilled a select audience that attended the Museum of Art and History. Dorita interpreted an uninhibited and profound program of flamenco music; she let her guitar speak of the sensibility of a woman of character.”

Diario de Juarez
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
June 2, 1981

Curriculum Vitae (Español-Scroll down for English)

Nace en Olvera, un pequeño pueblo cerca de Ronda en la montañosa región de Cádiz, España. A la edad de 13 años gana un concurso de cante flamenco en Utrera (Sevilla). A los 17 años Salvadora comenzó su carrera profesional, viajando por España, Portugal, y desde entonces ha actuado en diferentes festivales flamencos. En años recientes, Salvadora Galán ha viajado dando recitales y conciertos en Mexico y en los Estados Unidos.

Mayo 2009 IV Festival de Cante Flamenco en Miami
Miami, Florida

Abril 2009 La Pena Cultural Center Center
Berkeley, California

Abril 2009 The Glasser Center
Santa Rosa, California

Marzo 2009 Winchester Cultural Center Theater
Las Vegas, Nevada

Diciembre 2008 Teatro de El Chamizal
El Paso, Texas

Mayo 2008 Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts.
San Francisco, Calif.

Mayo 2008 Community Music Center .
San Francisco, Calif.

Mayo 2008 Red Poppy Art House.
San Francisco, Calif.

Abril 2008 La Peña Cultural Center.
San Francisco Calif.

Febrero 2008 Artista invitada de Lucia y Valdemar en el
Teatro Talento Bilingüe
Houston, Texas

Septiembre 2007 Teatro de El Chamizal
El Paso, Texas

Abril 2007 XXI Festival Cultural Zacatecas
Zacatecas, Mexico

Enero 2007 Centro Cultural La Peña
San Francisco, California

Octubre 2006 Gira por Estados Unidos con
“Dulce Flamenco Internacional”

Septiembre 2006 Teatro de El Chamizal
El Paso, Texas

Mayo 2006 Universidad de Ciudad Juarez,
Chihuahua, Mexico

Abril 2006 Noche de Musica España,
Las Cruces, Nuevo Mexico, USA

Abril 2002 Artista invitada de Natalia Monteleón en el
Teatro Kay de La Universidad de Maryland

Gira 2002 Gira por Estados Unidos con Romería

Agosto 2001 Recibí un homenaje del Ayuntamiento
de Olvera

Gira 2001 Gira por Estados Unidos con Romería

Gira 1998 Gira por Estados Unidos con Romería

Abril 1995 Universidad de North Texas
Denton, Texas.

Abril 1995 Universidad de New México Albuquerque, New México

Octubre 1994 Teatro de El Chamizal
El Paso, Texas

Junio 1993 Teatro de la Ciudad de Delicias, Teatro de
Cámara Ciudad de Chihuahua y Teatro de la
Ciudad de Camargo en Chihuahua, Mexico

Marzo 1993 Artista invitada de Lluvia Flamenca Festival
’93 en Tucson, Arizona

Enero 1993 Artista invitada de Zorongo Flamenco en el
Teatro Bower Hawthorne en Minneapolis y
Joyce Theatre en New York

Octubre – Noviembre 1992 Artista invitada de José Molina

Octubre 1992 Artista invitada de St Louis Cultural
Flamenco Society
St Louis, Missouri

Julio – Septiembre 1992 Artista Invitada de María Benítez,
Santa Fé, New México

Mayo 1992 Artista Invitada de Zorongo Flamenco,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mayo 1992 Mayo Musical Juarense ‘92, INBA.
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Abril 1992 Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez
Chihuahua, Mexico

Febrero 1992 Flickinger Center for Performing Arts
Alamogordo, New México

Noviembre 1991 Artista invitada de Milwaukee Dance
Theater. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Marzo 1991 Festival de la Guitarra
Universidad de New México
Ls Cruces, New México

Julio 1990 Centro Cultural La Peña.
San Francisco, California

Febrero 1990 Corbett Center Auditorium
Universidad de New Mexico
Las Cruces, New México

Febrero 1990 Fountain Theatre
Old Mesilla, New México

Julio 1989 Artista invitada de la Sociedad Cultural Flamenca,
Ethical Society of St. Louis.
St. Louis, Missouri

Junio 1989 Artista invitada de Teresa y los Preferidos
Teatro Northlight, Chicago, Illinois

Mayo 1989 Programa Cultural de la Frontera
Ciudad Juárez, Chih.

Abril 1989 Teatro Carmen,
Tucson, Arizona

Marzo 1989 Actué con Humberto Cravioto y la orquestra
Clásica de la UACh, en el Teatro de los
Héroes, Chihuahua, Chih.

Marzo 1989 Festival de la Guitarra
Universidad de Texas en El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Octubre 1988 Artista invitada de la Sociedad Cultural
Flamenca en Winifred Moore Auditorium,
Webster University. St Louis, Missouri

Febrero 1988 Teatro de El Chamizal
El Paso, Texas

Julio 1987 Teatro Isauro Martínez
Torreón, Coahuila

Mayo 1987 Ex-Convento Del Carmen
Departamento de Bellas Artes
del Gobierno de Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Abril 1987 Teatro de El Chamizal
El Paso, Texas

Marzo 1987 Universidad Autónoma
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua

Noviembre 1984 Semana de la Guitarra,
Universidad de Texas en El Paso
El Paso, Texas

Mayo 1984 Casa de la Cultura
San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Abril 1984 Feria de San Marcos,
Teatro de la Casa de la Cultura
Aguascalientes, México

Abril 1983 Teatro de Cámara
Chihuahua, Chihuahua

Diciembre 1982 Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua

Noviembre 1982 Ateneo Fronterizo
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua

Septiembre 1981 Feria Estatal de 1981 en el Pabellón Español
Albuquerque, New México

Junio 1981 Teatro de El Chamizal
El Paso, Texas

Mayo 1981 Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua

Abril 1980 Teatro de El Chamizal
El Paso, Texas

Octubre 1979 Grover Cleveland Arts Institute
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Agosto 1976 VIII Festival de Cante Jondo de la sierra gaditana
Olvera, Cadiz (España)

Agosto 1975 “Noche Flamenca”
Tarragona, España

Abril 1973 Festival de baile y música folklórica Española
Universidad de Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

1967 Me casé y dejé temporalmente mi carrera

1965 Aurelio Galán en teatros, tablaos y salas de

1963 Manolo León en su ballet

1960 Antonio Vilches en su ballet folklórico

1956 Ganó un concurso de flamenco en Utrera